The Industry is lacking competition

Key points from RNZ

    1. The government has announced plans to reform the building materials sector, allowing builders to rely on code certifications from trusted overseas jurisdictions.
    1. The Combined Building Supplies Cooperative (CBS) supports these changes, saying it will increase competition and eventually bring down building costs, though it may take 2-3 years for the effects to trickle down.
    1. However, the Window & Glass Association has concerns about understanding overseas standards for building products and the trustworthiness of overseas test reports.
    1. The Taxpayers’ Union campaigns manager brushed aside these quality concerns as just complaints from a “special interest industry group” during a housing crisis when reducing building costs is important.
    1. Our CBS chair Carl Taylor welcomed the changes, saying more competition is needed in the building supply industry to lower expensive material costs. He praised the current government for taking action that the previous one did not.

So while the industry cooperative welcomes increased competition to reduce costs, some are worried about potential risks to product quality and standards from using more overseas certifications and materials.

You can find the full article on the RNZ Website – Building product concerns dismissed, the industry is lacking competition.

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