About Combined Building Supplies Cooperative

CBS Co-op began in 2017 with a vision to assist smaller builders collectively increasing their professionalism through problem-solving, collective purchasing power and sales channels to help with taking on the volume builders, reducing your costs and increasing your competitiveness.

Our Shareholder Benefits include…

Benefit 1


First and foremost, you get upfront discounts off a wide range of building supplies. From general merchant supplies, through to direct deals on concrete, plasterboard, right through to kitchen appliances, we have your residential build covered.

But that’s not all – we also have discounts available on services – from equipment hire to surveying and insurance.

Benefit 2


While we think the upfront discount is reason enough for the membership, that discount isn’t the only financial benefit on offer.

The co-operative funds itself through rebates from suppliers, and, after payment of its costs, the balance is returned to its members as an annual rebate based on volume spent.

Benefit 3


Come along to the free member meet-ups and network with others in the industry.

Subcontractors meet head contractors; specialty suppliers meet general builders.

Benefit 4


Our members receive a regular e-newsletter with all the updates as to the latest benefits for members.

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Our goal is simple…

…to obtain the best possible pricing on Building Supplies and Services by combining the buying power of small, medium and independent building companies and tradies.

Want to know how your current supplier stacks up? Give me a call and I will arrange for a quote from one of our suppliers.

Our Suppliers

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CBS Co-op gives you the benefit of the buying power of a large building group. This means that you pay less for your building supplies, reducing your costs and increasing your competitiveness.

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